George has worked with two of my employees and the results have been fantastic. He works to bring out the best in them and their performance has soared since they began. I recommend George and his service for any employee you think needs a little extra coaching to fulfill their potential

Craig Bentley
Senior Vice President of Operations at Cape Air

While serving as Director of the Cape & Islands EMS System, I knew George Baker on several levels; as Fire Chief of the Mashpee Fire Department, as a member and Chairman of the Cape & Islands EMS Board of Directors, as a fellow practicing paramedic, and as a personal friend. George was one of the most progressive fire chiefs on Cape Cod, helping his department grow to serve the fastest growing town on the Cape. He is well recognized as a leader in the Fire/EMS community not only on Cape Cod, but throughout Massachusetts. He was one of only a few fire chiefs who maintained certification as a Massachusetts and Nationally Registered Paramedic, and was very active in that role. As Chairman of the CIEMSS Board, George was instrumental in the continued growth of that agency's role both as a quasi-regulatory body and as an educational institution. He was also an effective voice at the Regional and State level, providing valuable input as the Massachusetts EMS System underwent a significant design change.
George is also a great friend who helped me not only in my professional role but personally as well, assisting me and my family as we made both significant cultural and physical moves from Virginia to Cape Cod. 

I highly recommend George Baker as a leader, mentor and friend.
Glenn Luedtke
Educational & Administrative Consulting for Emergency Services

As President of the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts I am privileged to recommend George Baker as an outstanding member of the BOD. George's work ethic and passion for the fire service was incredible. He was a true leader to many across the commonwealth.

George Rogers
Immediate Past President Fire Chiefs of Massachusetts

"Baker's leadership is seen in his work ethic. "Leadership, to me, is about how you do your job everyday. He has come to work every day with a smile on his face and with energy," Mashpee Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Rullo

Thank you Brenda for helping me bring awareness to the different levels of energy. Your guidance has supported me in utilizing new tools that have strengthened myself and my business. I appreciate your ability to connect and recharge my focus, set appropriate goals and provide me with steps to move forward. -Nicole

What I’m finding really rewarding, working with Brenda, is the chance to talk, to open up about my fears, my doubts, what makes me happy, and have someone along for the ride who can point out my emotional “scenery.” Having that outside perspective helps, even more so when the perspective is also coming from a place of insight and training in support of the conversation.  I can feel the benefits already, and it feels like having arrows in a formerly empty quiver. I went from not even HAVING a quiver to now having arrows and that knowledge alone gives me the stability and strength to know I’m not just plodding along. It’s both a subtle difference and a strong one. - Beth